The Vision of NC ACDA enriches our diverse lives and empowers comminities through the transformative nature of the choral arts. The Visioning Team - 2016

The North Carolina Chapter of the American Choral Directors Association (NC ACDA) is a non-profit organization whose membership is composed of close to 400 choral musicians from school, college, university, church, community, professional groups and the music industry. NC ACDA is dedicated to the advancement and enrichment of the choral art throughout the state of North Carolina.

NC ACDA is part of the American Choral Directors Association, one of the world’s largest professional organizations for choral musicians with a membership of over 18,000 directors representing one million singers.

The mission of NC ACDA is to invest in the development and growth of the choral arts through exceptional experiences in artistry, innovation, diversity, and leadership. The Visioning Team - 2016

NC ACDA History