Next Direction


North Carolina ACDA Members,

NextDirection is a leadership conference for high school juniors and seniors interested in entering the field of choral music, June 27-30, at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin. North Carolina ACDA is offering two scholarships to cover the cost of attendance for high school students. This covers the cost of the conference itself, including materials, housing, and meals. Students receiving the scholarship would need to provide for their own transportation to and from the conference.

An application is required and must be completed online. This application is in three parts:

(1) Information about the applicant

(2) four essay questions

(3) information about the ACDA choral director who is recommending you (you will need their name and ACDA member number).

If you are not selected for a scholarship, you may be eligible to participate in the conference as a paying participant. You can learn more about the conference at

Apply by April 4. High school student acceptance notifications will go out by April 20.

Please visit the page to apply for the scholarship.